Standing with Stones: A journey through megalithic Britain (Documentary)

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This video was published on Apr 19, 2020.
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Over two years in the making, Standing with Stones is a remarkable feature length documentary film that takes the viewer on an epic journey of discovery, uncovering the true extent and variety of megalithic Britain and Ireland.
Featuring 100 of the most significant megalithic monuments in England, Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland & Scotland, the adventure starts near Land’s End in Cornwall and ends out on the Scottish isles, on Orkney, at the Tomb of the Eagles.
00:00 Intro, titles & preamble 03:36 1. The West Country & Dartmoor 20:13 2. Southern England 41:25 3. Wales 57:41 4. Ireland 1:16:15 5. The Isle of Man & Northern England 1:39:45 6. Scotland 1:57:47 7. The Scottish Isles ________________________________________________________
✒️ “I loved every single minute of this! There was no filter of time. You didn’t repeat information four times as if I was not paying attention. You showed sites I’ve never seen in other documentaries.  I just loved all of it. Thank you so very much for doing it and putting it here where I can see the entire thing.”
✒️ “The sensitivity shown when first walking through the homes of Skara Brae made me cry.  The whole documentary was filled with respect.   Thank you.”
✒️ “I’m 37, and I’ve been watching documentaries for all my life. This is the best one yet. The dedication and passion for the subject is great. The personal approach, yet scholarly quality is even greater. Thanks.”
It was back in 1999 that I first approached Michael Bott with the idea of making a documentary series on little-known aspects of one of my other passions: Natural History. I was already familiar with Michael’s work. He had made a couple of films with my father, Henry Lincoln, and his impressive talent made the normally painstaking decision of who to approach, a complete no-brainer.
Michael loved the idea but he very sensibly suggested that, as this was such a massive project, it would be more sensible to kick off with something else. Something we were both familiar with and could do more easily, to see how well we worked together. Little did we suspect, how an intended ‘interim’ project would become such a life-changing experience.
Michael has been enthralled by ancient sites since childhood, and for a number of years I had been leading trips and walks to ancient sites in Britain and abroad, so the decision was easy.
“Why don’t we make a pilot for a documentary about standing stones?” said Mike.
“Great idea.” I replied.
“Excellent” he said, “You write it then.”
And so a monster was spawned.
RUPERT SOSKIN Writer/presenter

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