The dark light has lost the game / La lumière sombre a perdu la partie | du Ciel ala Terre – Monique Mathieu | Oct 23, 2021

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La lumière sombre a perdu la partie
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The dark light has lost the game


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There are many presences tonight, beautiful presences, it is as if I felt an influx of vibrations of Love.

They tell me :

“We are infinitely happy to be here with you this evening and as our channel has said, there are many of us, not many of us to communicate, but above all, many to help you, to help you vibrate, to help you in your development. at the level of Love. “

They tell me :

“You realize how much your world is changing, right now you only see the dark side, the big ramifications of that dark side. It is true that the dark side is present even in simple beings, and precisely in simple beings who have neither the capacity to understand, nor the capacity to resist of course.

We are talking about this dark side because it will be rampant with more violence for a relatively short time. We have heard your prayers, but you have to pray with your heart, not with your head, not necessarily with church words. Those who really want to can use church words, but the moment you pray with your heart it has even more power.

We told you that when the dark light senses that it loses the game (and automatically the dark light will lose the game because it has to be so), so it will manage to do as much damage as possible on your world, and we tell you about your world.

Only the forces of dark light, if they have an intelligence of devastation, an intelligence of destruction, do not realize that the times are no longer for it. That is, dark light has reigned over the 3rd dimensional world for thousands and even many more Earth years. Now even if you don’t see it we can assure you that the dark light has lost the game but she doesn’t want to admit it and until the end she thinks she can win.

So children of the Earth, children of the stars, you who have immense Love in your heart (even if you do not realize it), it is also you who must help those who help you, that is to say you have your work to do in the matter with what you are, with your evolution, with your understanding with obviously your Love, it is a collective work, a work between you children of the Earth and us your brothers of the stars or your brothers of light but no matter who we really are, we are here to help your world to rebirth.

A lot of things are going to happen on your world, at the level of Mother Earth. She feels more and more the flight, the flight to higher dimensions, to her higher consciousness because your mother Earth, like everything that lives, is constantly evolving. You, you have evolved a lot, not only since you came to this world, but since you chose this spiritual path. You have evolved a lot, your consciousness and your vibratory frequency are not at all the same as they were years ago, small years. What has most allowed the awakening of humanity is what you call the Corona virus and all that it has caused and generated in your societies and also personally. We could (of course) make sure that didn’t happen but we didn’t want to prevent it so that there were more and more human beings able to move into the new civilization that you are going to live.

Among your fellow human beings, there are a lot of very beautiful souls, old souls, beings who have a pure heart. So now as we told you the quota is reached and the very last ones who wake up catch up with all those who woke up.

This is why you will see in the coming months and maybe even before, many departures (chosen by souls before their incarnation in matter), many departures, we speak in general, for your planet.

Regarding your galactic brothers, we said that they would appear more and more in your skies but not necessarily in the country that you call France, everywhere in the world, and you are not necessarily informed of everything that is happening. going into the world because the forces of dark light want to keep you in the dark. From the moment you want to lift the veil of ignorance, when you want to read in the book of knowledge, that book is open before you.

Some peoples will suffer more than others, but freedom, freedom will be.


Earlier, you spoke of the Italian people, certainly Italians suffer a lot because the dark light has settled where it should not have settled, we are not going to give you more details, you understand what we want to tell you. So the Italian people have a front row seat, but they will have very important help. They will have help from Mary because the Italian people ask a lot of help from Mary and Mary will protect Italy as she will protect France. We must not think that France, Italy and other countries are privileged compared to the rest of the world, we will tell you this: human beings each have their destination, that is to say their destiny to accomplish, but countries also have their destination, that is to say they each have a mission to accomplish. Italy will react in a certain way for its mission to be accomplished. France will react in another way so that its mission is accomplished and it is the coordination of all these different peoples in themselves but totally similar in the love that they can express to each other, in fraternity, it is the association of all these peoples that will ensure that the dark light is destroyed.

The more the peoples of the Earth are involved, the more we will help them. You have the last fight to win at the level of the Earth, at the level of this 3rd dimension and this fight, you are able to win it, we are not going to say that it is a war, it is a fight more exactly , it is the confrontation of two totally opposite vibratory frequencies, the confrontation of the vibratory frequency of Love light and the confrontation of the vibratory frequency of darkness. You live it in yourself and you live it outside yourself. When we tell you you live it in yourself, it is the duality that is in you but if you are here today, like all those who listen to us, it is because you have eradicated a very large part of it. shadow that is in you, the rest of the shadow that is in you are still some fears and a personality to be refined, a personality to be directed much more towards light and love but a lot of work has been done in relation to individually.

This work which has been done at the individual level is also being done at the state level. What we could say to all the peoples who refuse is to have a little more patience and to avoid manipulation, intimidation as much as possible… We can assure you children of the Earth, even if you do not yet see the end of the tunnel, we can assure you that very soon, the smile will bloom again on the faces of your brothers, the brotherhood will be again between the beings, the beings will have the joy of rediscovering the faces, the beings will have the joy of no longer being dominated by fears and constantly fed by these terrible energies, these terrible vibrations of fear.

Soon child of the Earth, you will rediscover your brothers, you will have the joy of seeing the beauty of their faces, the sign of the beast will disappear. But what’s going to be important is to make it all disappear from your minds, never to think about it again, never to come closer to these terrible energies, these very dark vibrations.

Just a little more patience, a little more waiting and you will be rewarded. The word reward we use it but we would like to find another more suitable word, it is not a reward, it is the result of all that you have been able to do, of all that you have been able to create in the invisible, by your thoughts by your love, it will therefore be the result of the behavior of a large part of humanity.

We try to save as much as possible of those who can be saved. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of departures. We had hoped that the parents, with the love they have for their children could have protected them more but too many parents have allowed themselves to be influenced, hypnotized, they believed. They believed that what was done to their children was not harmful to them, they believed that a vaccine on the contrary would protect them, since they believed that the vaccine would protect them themselves. So they are only relatively responsible but we had hoped that they would awaken and that there would be many more human beings saved so that they could live in this new society, this new civilization. It is there, it is at your fingertips and everything we tell you, everything we do together, you will think about it when you are in this new society, this new civilization, you will think about it with joy, with happiness in saying “you promised us and it happened”.

But do not forget, children of the Earth, you have a gigantic help but as we say it all the time, you are the craftsmen of your becoming, it is your world, it is the world that you have chosen for them. terrestrial experiences, then of course you will have, you have help until the end but in return, there is also the investment of what you are to create this new world, this new civilization.

We often talk to you about it, we would have a lot of other things to say but for the moment, you are in this expectation, in this suffering, suffering of no longer seeing the world that you have known, which was not in itself the ideal world but compared to the world in which you live, it seems to you to be an ideal world. The world that you will live tomorrow will be so different from what you have been able to live until today, excluding of course these two very important years but there will be more than two, because the moment has not yet arrived when the doors of the new society, of the new civilization will open before you. These two years, you will see how important they will have been for the evolution of humanity.

Know that all beings will have to accomplish a wonderful mission whether it is an inner mission or an outer mission. “

They also tell me:

“Mother Earth will react more and more, her vibration will also rise and she will take with her all those who are ready to follow her at the vibratory level, at the level of Love, also at the level of her understanding, of The love that beings have for themselves, that beings have for life and that beings have for your mother Earth.

There will be again and again very difficult things that Mother Earth will be forced to give to some of her children. We don’t like to press too much on these things because you already have so many concerns, but we want to say that Father Sun is going to react, that Mother Earth is going to react through volcanoes, through storms, earthquakes, everything is boiling. “

They show me like a huge cauldron where everything is transformed where life is transformed, where men are transformed, it is the cauldron of re-creation, the cauldron of renewal.

“In this immense cauldron where all humanity is found, there will be beings who will be transmuted, who will have the revelation of what they are. These beings will come out of this cauldron very quickly to be able to set up other bases of civilization. This great whirlwind that humanity is going through is the cauldron in which it is, and under this cauldron, there is a fire lit by dark beings. Of course this is a view of the mind, it is not tangible reality. So many beings will wake up to another reality of themselves, to a rebirth, to a very great mutation.

In this cauldron in which you are still, the possibility will be offered to humanity to wake up at the level of all psychic capacities, all of you present you will see capacities awakening in you that you did not necessarily have. At first, it will seem rather strange to you, you will have them by dreams, by great intuition, by message. Telepathy, as we have told you, will be the first element of your mutation, of your transformation.

So we will conclude by simply telling you HOPE, the world is like in a huge cauldron and soon everything will calm down, many will come out of the cauldron and those who cannot get out will go elsewhere. Life is eternal, life is immense, the universe is immense, the number of planets that can accommodate humanity is immense, so there is no need to worry about who will be leaving.

This is a bit of what we wanted to tell you, we would have so much more to teach you but everything will come in due time, soon we will no longer talk about lower things, we will only talk about higher things to help you hoist yourself up to another plane of consciousness, to another reality of yourself but until the end of the year, we will still be talking to you about tribulations, before we can really talk to you about rebirth, your rebirth, of the rebirth of life on this world. This is what we wanted to tell you. ”


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