The Light, Love and Peace will triumph! | Monique Mathieu | Jan 9, 2021

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This transmission was published around Jan 17, 2021.
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The Light, Love and Peace will triumph!
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They are telling me:
“Children of the Earth, Children of the Light, our brothers, it is with immense pleasure that we come in numbers among you.
When I say: “we come in numbers”, this is to say that many of your instructors, those who, since the beginning of this path that we have traced for you for many terrestrial years now (and for us several seconds), those who have come to instruct you, to guide you, to help you, to bring you their Love, are here. They are not necessarily here to speak to you, but to bring you their vibrations, their Love and many other things as well.”
They are telling me:
“The time that you are living in is not “important”, it is considerable, because humans have a very restrained view of what is happening in your world! Even those who you consider to be those who know, that is to say those who have a little more knowledge and information than you, notably that which, for the moment, has crucial importance for the world, are not up to date on much.
If you knew, Children of the Earth, Sons of the Light, all that is happening beyond your consciousness and beyond the Earth, beyond matter, not only would you be filled with wonder, but you could also be frightened, because many things go totally beyond the human consciousness; many things that are in the works are, for the moment, inaccessible to what you are. We are simply going to tell you that there is a considerable battle between the Light and the shadow, (and we do mean to use the word “battle”).
But what is the shadow? The shadow is simply a Light that is not conscious of being! Therefore, we are not going to fight this shadow that has no awareness of being Light, we are going to try to enlighten it.
Beyond the humanities, no matter what they are, beyond all of these beings who hopelessly covet the Earth and others who wish hopelessly to liberate it, there is something else!
Something very considerable is putting itself in place in your solar system, and not only on your little planet! A bridge is being built. Obviously, it is not a bridge with materials, it is a bridge of energy, it is a bridge of Love and of Light, an immense bridge that also concerns your galaxy.
What do you know about your galaxy? Luminous points, colors that you perceive with your human eyes are not the real colors! You cannot perceive the unimaginable life that is found in your galaxy!
The new galaxy is really beginning to create itself, to be born, but not simply in the invisible, to also create itself in the visible, that is to say some worlds are beginning to open up; first the Suns will be born, and some worlds will open up. The expansion of the Universe, that you do not yet have the capacity to understand, is also the same as the expansion of what you are as a conscience, as a Divine Part and not as a human being.
The human being, at that level, is totally secondary, but he does have a great, a very great importance! Every particle of life, no matter what it is, has an immense importance because it is force! It is the force of the Source that is in it, it is the force of Love, it is the force of life, and you are a part of all of that. You would like to know it; you would also like to know yourself much better. This will come!
The period that you are living in right now, we repeat, is the open door onto the new world; we would like to say that it is not only the new world for planet Earth and for humans; it is a new world, a new era that is going to see the creation of other worlds. And the magic, the miracle, is that even if this new galaxy is not yet concrete and visible, you are subjected to the radiating, the vibration and above all to the Love.
This new galaxy will be a galaxy of excellence, a galaxy of pure Love, a galaxy where there will be no point of shadow, a galaxy that will dazzle by its Light and its Love; at the very beginning, very few beings (except if they have created perfection within themselves) would be able to accede to it.
But you, Children of the Earth, and other spheres, are at the end of your own galaxy, therefore you have traveled much more of the path than you suppose to have come into this world, onto this Earth. It is a painful preparation, certainly, but an ultimate preparation, a stripping, a sacrifice that will allow you to accede to a new world.
We are not saying that tomorrow or the day after you will accede to this new galaxy being formed, we are saying that you are going to be able to live in a different world, a world where duality will no longer exist, a world where beings will recognize their belonging to it!
You, intellectually, recognize your belonging to God; your belonging to the Divine since you have in you a Divine part. You recognize it but you do not feel it! There is a great difference between recognizing intellectually and feeling the Vibration, feeling it with your heart!
Some great moments, some very great moments are going to be experienced in this world and in others! Therefore, obviously, we read this in your heart and in your thoughts: “what is going to happen to this world? Who is going to win the fight between the shadow and the Light?”
We are going to say this:
He who, in his destiny, has been proposed, in a certain way, to rebalance the world, is not alone. He is far from being alone! When he speaks about his “team”, this means that he has a physical team, certainly, but also an invisible team! He also has a visible team that does not belong to this world. Therefore, he is simply, like all of you but in a different way, the temporary tool of the transformation of the world and of beings.
However, you must not forget that the dominant powers of this world are extremely powerful, much more than you think, because the shadow has been at work for thousands of years!
Right now, in this world, there are many reincarnations of beings who lived in Atlantis, in Egypt, on the Continent of Mu, etc. There are valorous souls, there are fragile souls, there are consciences of great awakening and some sleeping consciences.
The period that you are living in a difficult way, that you will still live in a difficult way, is considerable! You, Children of the Earth, Sons of Light, you may see the accomplishments of your desires.
Of course, we repeat to you and we will do so up until the end: no matter what happens, it is the Light that wins, and the Light will win today or tomorrow! The Light will win! But a very great work, an immense cleansing must be accomplished in this world.
Imagine that your world was a house, a large house, and for thousands of years, even hundreds of thousands of years, you have soiled this house, you have never really cleaned it. You have sometimes gotten rid of some things in some rooms, but you have stocked up so much, so many useless things, suffering and violence!
So now is the moment! It is the moment when it must be totally cleaned! It must be beautiful; it must be clean to receive all that it will receive. That house is the Earth!
Beyond what you can perceive, beyond what your eyes and your human conscience can understand and analyze, extraordinary things are happening. We repeat again: extraordinary things are happening!
So, what will this new year, since you count years, what will 2021 be like? We have told you a little bit, but we are going to repeat it:
In 2021, those who have the necessary consciousness will really be able to perceive the Light at work! They may also be able to perceive many changes within themselves, much more emotional fragility, because all those who awaken to a superior consciousness are stripped of the old man’s clothing!
What does “stripped” mean? They have no more carapace to protect themselves from their ambient environment. They have no more carapace to protect themselves from certain vibrations emanating from suffering, from violence and manipulations.
Therefore, for a moment, like a nude child, you will be vulnerable, but this vulnerability will be in a certain way compensated by an immense force that will be born in you, a force that you cannot understand or feel because it has not yet been born in you. As with many things, it will open up.
Imagine that you are a flower bud swayed by the wind, dampened by the rain. You ask yourself if you will have the capacity to open up to see the Light, to feel the Love. So, the flower bud that you are sometimes feels fear a little, the fear of being wiped out by the elements.
In this very extraordinary period that humanity is living, the flower bud that you are is going to open and is going to be able, in this explosion of beauty, to integrate the Light and Love. Humanity is going to be able to integrate a new knowledge, a new consciousness.
Consider yourselves for the moment that you are sleeping beings! Even if you have opened your eyes to all that is happening in your world, you are asleep to the beauty of the world, you are asleep to Universal Love. Certainly, you can feel Love, you can feel the Love Vibration, but depending on what is allowed you for the moment to feel, to integrate and to understand!
You are going to be reborn to yourself. This year, you have, and you are going to do it for those of you who have not yet done it, really leave the old man’s clothing. But, between the moment where you will leave the old man’s clothing and the moment when you will put on your clothing of Light again, there will be a short moment of floating, a short moment where you will feel the “cold” (a manner of speaking obviously), where you could be disturbed because you will not yet have integrated the new force that is going to be born in you.
We would like to tell you that we, your Galactic Brothers, will be more and more present.
As we have already told you, and we wish to repeat it because it is still a little confusing for you, among people on Earth, there are more and more of our brothers helping the Light to transform this world, so that the Light can enlighten the shadow that is not aware of what it is.
There will be much suffering, but not where you think! Of course, within some beings who have never wished to open up, who are still completely asleep and who have not had the possibility (and we do mean the possibility) of choosing their side or their camp, there will be much suffering.
Those who will suffer even more, are the beings who, with all their heart, have really served the shadow; these beings will suffer because they will lose everything! They will lose their life, but not right away. They will lose their power, they will lose their money, they will lose all their artificial pleasures. Some will be…we do not like to use the word “punished” but we are going to use it anyway because here where we are there is no punishment, but to help you understand better, with the human language we will say that some people will effectively be punished more than others; those who have lost all humanity will become aware of what they have done!
Do you think this will be easy for them? This will be extremely difficult! It will be as if God, in his immense Love, in his immense power, wished to make them understand, to show them just where they have been in the total lack of Love and the lack of consciousness of what they are.
The big problem is, for these beings, that they have absorbed certain “drugs”, therefore their human consciousness has diminished in clarity; some beings, and many besides, have associated themselves with evil beings who no longer belong to this world. They have themselves been manipulated. The word “manipulation” is not even exact, we would have liked to find a word that is a little more powerful than “manipulated” but we are going to use it anyway.
So, who is guilty? Who is not? At this time, we are going to say that no one is guilty, there are simply elements, there are simply circumstances, there are simply energies that confront each other gently, because all of the energies of Love confront each other, in a certain way gently; but what is gentle and what is violence?”
They are telling me:
“You are living in a dual world, but in this world, nothing is black, nothing is white, nothing is good, nothing is bad! There are more and more nuances that you are beginning to perceive, to understand.
Therefore, we are not placing judgment on all those who have misled beings! When their conscience will be enlightened by the flashes of Light that will be sent by God and by all of the Great Beings of Light, these beings will feel the biggest suffering that they have ever felt.
Be certain that the flashes of Light will be sent towards all consciences, towards all human beings. It will be like an extremely luminous vibration and filled with an immense Love that will penetrate the consciousness of beings, and this could create much suffering, even physical, for those who have not prepared themselves to receive flashes. We are using the word “flashes” because it is much more correct.
Therefore, hate no one! Do not hate those who have really done so much bad to the Earth! Do not hate the evil ones, those who wish to control this world, those who wish to enslave humanity! Do not banish them, do not hate them! Everything is just in the Universe! Depending on what you will be, depending on what you will do, depending on what you will think, depending on your capacity to love, all will be different!
You who have served the Light and who will continue to serve it, you will receive these flashes with an immense Love, with infinite happiness. You have nothing to fear! You have always been on this path; you have chosen this path! Because this path that leads you to this place, even the path of those who cannot be here right now, was chosen well before this incarnation. It is a path that some of you began to travel eons ago!
Many of you (and we insist on saying this) have a mission and a much more important role than you think! Your group and all those who join it but who cannot participate in it, have a power and a force that you cannot suspect! Because you are sincere beings, because you are pure beings and that you are going to integrate more and these immense Vibrations, these flashes of Light and Love could submerge you at times. We can tell you: have confidence and faith, the Plan is perfect, all will happen following the plan! Today or tomorrow, all will go back to order, and in good order!
Of course, we know that all of you are asking yourself: “will Trump triumph?”
We will respond: The Light, the Good and Love will triumph! It matters little who will be the representative of this triumph on Earth but the Light, Love and peace will triumph!”
© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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