The Park | Uriah Heep (Song, with images of Slottsskogen Park, Sweden )

Video Creator/Source: GothiaRegio
Music: The Park – Uriah Heep
Indian-Summer/Fall-Images from the Botanical Gardens and Slottsskogen-Park in Gothenburg, Sweden.
For years I took Uriah Heep’s “The Park” as just a beautiful song about a beautiful park. Only while working on this little image-show did I realize that the song is in memory of a young man “who died in a needless war”. I came to think of a young man who suffered this fate and had a memorial plaque in this very park I was taking my pictures.
David was a young Swede who went to New York to work for a while at a company located high up in the World Trade Center. He did not survive the terror attacks on September 11th 2001.
I dedicate this little image-show to him – as one of the many youngsters whose dreams do not soar any longer since their lives were cut short by needless war and senseless violence.

Let me walk a while alone
Among the sacred rocks and stones
Let me look in vain belief
Upon the beauty of each leaf

Here is green in every glade
The tree tops lean providing shade
Maypoles spin in happy sound
All nature’s strength around

And there’s a horse that feels no pain
It’s iron strength to take the strain
Children rock it to and fro
And gaily drink its color glow

Above the sky, devoid of cloud
Thinks not to cast a thunder shroud
Upon this place so full of joy
A field of gold of love’s employ

So why my heavy heart you say?
When tears would stain the sights so gay
My brother’s dreams once here did soar
Until he died at the hand of needless war

Songwriter: Ken Hensley

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