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The English translation of this transmission was published around Apr 27, 2021.
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To be ready for the transition
“Do not generate fear, generate confidence! Do not generate doubt, generate hope and confidence!
Try to oppose the opposites! When you have a problem, try to understand and oppose it with its opposite.
So, what do you need to do? Try to find the force within you, try to find the courage in you, try to find the Love in you, because you have much more than you think; all of these capabilities, all that force, all that courage, all of that Love is sometimes sleeping in the deepest part of yourself. And what comes out in your life? Preoccupations!
We can understand that human beings are preoccupied with their health, with existential problems like work, lodging, etc., but from the moment that confidence does not leave them, many things work out because we are there! Do not forget this: fifty percent of the “work” is up to you at all levels, and fifty percent is up to us because we can give it to you through considerable aid.
When you have a health problem, try to do fifty percent of the work to return to perfect health, and we will help you by our presence, by our vibrations, by our Love, to accomplish the fifty percent that you lack.
You ask yourself questions in relation to the intermediary time that we have already spoken to you about. We can assure you that it will arrive much faster than you think, but there will be stages, that is to say that even in the state where you are now, with the stress generated by the powers of the dominating shadow, that is to say the deep state (as you call it), an important work will be asked of you, because some very particular things are going to happen (and we do mean “particular”).
Human beings, overall, will sometimes be stupefied by all of the lies and even all the truths that have not been unveiled, for example the presence of diverse races of your Galactic Brothers. They will be astonished to know that since the earliest times, they are not alone in this world. Often, beings not belonging to this world have had respect for human beings.
Right now, men do not even have respect for themselves, therefore they are subjected to certain evil beings who do not have respect for human beings and who have absolutely no Love for them, but this is ending, we can assure you!
You are going to see more and more vessels. You are going to hear some loud noises due to great battles that are taking place beyond your terrestrial vision, but still very close to your world; many harmful and malevolent beings are going to leave your world, but before leaving, they wish to destroy. However, before they can do it, they themselves will be destroyed by those who are watching over.
So, we are going to say a few words about those who watch over. We have already told you about another type of beings who watch over. Right now, we are speaking of beings who could be found in the spheres around the Earth and who watched over the equilibrium of the world; this was already a long time ago!
Now those who watch over are different. They form as it were, squadrons of vessels that fly over your Earth and that make sure there is no degradation, no deep harm caused by the departure of certain beings, or just simply due to the behavior of your malevolent human brothers who know that their “reign” in this world in which they often feel very at ease and very happy, is in the process of crumbling.
Their world is going to crumble and yours is beginning to emerge. However, this will not be the new Earth. That one will manifest itself at the end of the transitory period, the period of adaptation to the golden Age. When that has arrived, all will be different on your Earth, if it is only the vibrations. Your Mother Earth will be completely awakened, she will be totally ascended and all that will dwell on her will ascend with her!
At this time, you are not yet in the intermediary world, you are not in the world of ascension; you are in the world of mutation, each of you will mutate more and more and you will be aware of it thanks to your behavior that will be different.
The question to ask yourself right now is: what to do to prepare oneself to really be ready for this period of transition?
We are going to repeat what we have told you many times. It is not more difficult than you can do!
The first thing, as we have already said, but we will repeat it to you, is to empty your baggage, to no longer have an excessive attachment for everything concerning the old world, that is to say the world in which you are but that, in a relatively short period of time will become the old world.
You must acquire much more tolerance! If you are shaken, offended, if your ego is given a rough ride, you must learn to let go, to rise above all that is happening around you, because effectively your ego will be given a rough ride, you may even be trampled in relation to what you are, in relation to what you do, but you must absolutely not allow this to get to you!
You must not see or hear what could be disagreeable to you and that could hurt you, therefore you must pass by it without giving much importance to all that is being done, to all that is being said around you, to have enormous compassion for the beings who are still asleep and who believe themselves to be awakened.
If they have the impression that they are awakened and that you are asleep, it is because you are no longer in the same world, because you are in between the two; this is not serious, leave them alone! Therefore, avoid all conflict with whomever because this is very important! We repeat this: avoid all conflict with whomever!
If you are really in a conflictual state, you can act with wisdom, with serenity, with Love to undo the conflict. In your current life, you can be confronted with a conflict, therefore, avoid all conflict!
Also, avoid all judgment, no matter what it is! Beings are what they are, you are what you are! You must understand that for certain people, you are a being who is not to be associated with, undesirable! This is not serious, it is their way of perceiving that is not yours; do not be offended by anything, by anything that you may feel or experience!
At the level of feelings, you will be more and more receptive to the thought forms of others. Trace your path, do not become involved! If you feel unfriendliness, some negative thoughts concerning you, this has no importance!
We are asking you for an immense effort of letting go, and this work is considerably important. You must not remain stuck in your ego, in your way of thinking that is there! The way of thinking of someone else can be respectable depending on what he is! You must not enter into conflict, you must be in wisdom and let go, this is very important! Let go of your past, let go of everything that can destabilize you, shake you up, cause you pain!
Do not make judgments about people or events. In this current era, do not allow yourself to be dragged into the negative, into fears, because the vibration of fear is very powerful and very strong.”
They are showing me a type of thick cloud that surrounds you and penetrates you and that generates behaviors that are a little out of sync with sensible and balanced behaviors.
Therefore, have immense tolerance for all that surrounds you, and for yourself of course!
This is perhaps a lot to ask, but it is a work for everyday and we ask you to help the other if he gets off track a little. With much Love, with much kindness, and without any judgment, tell him: “maybe you need to let go”! Your tone should be friendly, gentle and wise. If you say things that upset the other, you will slow down rather than help him and he could feel animosity towards you.
All can be said, but it is depending on the way you will say it that you can help your brothers! You do not always have the right regard (perception) on what you are; the other has another regard upon you and maybe this regard is not the true one, but maybe it is; if this regard is not true, it is of no importance.
To a friend or to a member of the family, you can try to say: “Maybe this comes from your regard for the moment, it is mine, it is not serious, and thank you for pointing it out to me. If I feel deep inside of myself that I am in error I will change something, but if deep inside myself I feel that my regard is true and that the regard that you have upon me is not the right one, I will continue in the way I have chosen.”
You must also learn more and more to be happier, even if you receive some blows from life, because all of these blows are sometimes necessary to comprehension and to evolution; you must understand the why, and at that moment ask for help if it is too hard for you; you must simply accept and transcend.
You have a great chance, and that is to be aware of the immense Love that dwells in you! You are intellectually aware of it certainly, but you have not yet found the way to express this Love, because in your culture Love does not express itself. It is difficult to simply say “I love you” to a neighbor, to your close relatives and to your friends!
The new generations succeed in saying it sometimes more easily, but the older generations, that is to say people of a certain age, have more trouble saying these words that are so soothing, so marvelous: “I love you, you are important to me”, all the words that can reassure, that can help a person who is living through a bad passage of life. It is important to learn to love others as much as possible!
You are going to acquire Wisdom more and more because you are stubborn on your spiritual path and the course that you have chosen. You have a much more important force than you think, and because of this fact, we are always going to be there to help you, through your channel, through our words, through some energies and of course through the Love that we can offer you.”
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