A Very Great Role To Play | Monique Mathieu | Feb 21, 2021

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This transmission was published around Feb 21, 2021.
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A very great role to play
Can the month of March become a release mechanism?
“Normally this month corresponds to planet Mars, it being considered as a war planet. Therefore, effectively, the month of March has an importance!
Logically, and we do mean logically because many things depend on what will become of humans, on their capacities to go beyond, on comprehension, the capacity to demand their freedom, this month of March could be of very great importance; things may place themselves, situate themselves in the plans of the visible and the invisible to lead people towards their true destiny, truly towards the great quantum passage.
We are not saying that you will see this quantum passage during the month of March! It is about the preparation of the human in matter, of the preparation to the great passage towards the new world, of the preparation to the new consciousness, of the preparation to the new awakening.
However, we repeat it once more, your current world is under the cup of a very powerful energy.
That energy, that of the shadow, has been oppressing humans from incarnation to incarnation for thousand of years, for centuries and even millenniums; it has therefore created an immense spider web which, despite the aid that we bring you, cannot be destroyed in one second, because we need the help of the people on Earth!
Of course, we could eradicate in very little time a certain part of the dominants that are completely harmful to life, but what would happen? If we only eliminate a part, and from reincarnation to reincarnation, they will return and recreate the same difficulties.
What we would like is for the current human being to help us and awaken! It matters little the method of awakening, whether he awakens because of manifestations, even very difficult ones, or if he awakens by refusing what is imposed on him.
If the people on Earth retake possession of their liberty, everything will very rapidly be possible, but if the people on Earth remain asleep, the process of liberation could spread over a much more important amount of time. Instead of it producing itself rapidly, it could take place in one, two, or three terrestrial years.
We are not saying that during this lapse of time you will experience that imprisoning, that prison, that total lack of liberty, we wish to say that with your help, of course, if you consent to it, this will get better.
More beings need to awaken, that they demand what they are as divine beings.
It is making an insult to Creation to remain slaves to beings who do not know what Love is! They know satisfaction but not true Love.
You therefore have a great role to play, and if you do not succeed in liberating yourself, to work with what we are, the moment when the liberation arrives, we certify to you, will not be the same!”
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