Quantum Red Pill Cafe | Pt1 with Johan Fritz – SSP, Super Soldiers, Monarch, Mk Ultra, “The Old Man” | Jun 25, 2020 (Video)

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This video was published on Jun 25, 2020.
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  1. I had dreams about someone only known as "the old man." I haven't remembered much ssp stuff at all but am triggered by much I have heard you and Will and Johan and Tony say. There was even a dream I had at least twice so long ago, maybe 25 years, probably in same general time as old man stuff, about being in woods, cold, having to get to a cabin. It was an odd dream with strong feelings that felt more real yet so different than something I'd dream about that they stuck with me. You mentioned that idea of the cabin in one of your videos. I knew there were others I knew that had to get to the cabin too. I think I even tried to figure out who they might be in my real life after I woke up to try to analyze the dream. Maybe it was in the dream I can't remember now. Why were we separated? How did I know there were others? How did we get here? Why was I trekking in such conditions I would never do this. Why was I so concerned for these people? Like I hoped so much they had already made it there. The terrain was so foreign to what I knew at the time. Lots of dips and hills making the last miles so difficult. This place was so secret and isolated yet I knew it had modern comforts like just maybe it was just off a main highway. I am not a winter sport kind of person but it was kind of like a ski lodge. I was so cold yet I seemed to have proper gear for long cold survival. And the hills, I was from a very flat land, NJ. I know I was so drawn to understanding that I had this dream more than once, like I was determined to figure it all out so much that I returned to it. Have you had any progress on how this memory fits into the whole ssp thing? I wanted to reach out to you about this one thing in particular but not sure how. Will has my contact info if you would like to chat. -V

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